Is it a caravan or is it a boat!



Splash out on Your Next Camping Adventure!

Since the first recreational caravans were made over 130 years ago, the industry has seen a wide variety of trailer models. They’ve changed in size, affordability and commerciality, and now designers are experimenting even more with the traditional design. Modern ‘concept’ caravans are being created which will hopefully inspire a new generation of mobile living.

If there’s one caravan that has caught my attention in recent years it’s the German Sealander; this incredible trailer possesses the features of both a typical trailer and an electric power boat! This is one vehicle that will surely make some waves in the industry!

How does it work?

Unlike previous models in the caravan family, this trailer is able to successfully navigate shallow waters as well as terrain. This is thanks to:

  • 5hp electric motor (which also powers your on-board devices)

  • Corrosion-proof materials

  • Double bottom to protect against sinking

  • Ultra-light and water-tight fiberglass shell

  • LED lights (to avoid nasty electrical shocks!)

This incredible multi-functional caravan is a true solution to your camping needs! The only disappointing factor is that sadly it’s not sturdy enough for you to start exploring the seven seas!

If you’re hesitant about the fact that it is a caravan and boat cross-breed, don’t worry as you won’t need a special license to operate it. It also will tow with a regular caravan tow bar.

What’s the design?

This caravan was conceived by German-based industrial designer Daniel Straub. It then went into production in 2012, with the use of state-of-the-art German manufacturing methods. It features:

  • Fully customisable interior design: choose your colours and even materials

  • Range of optional modules, incl. the basic heater, washer, cooler and cooking utilities

  • Benches fit six people and can be rearranged into a bunk bed or double bed

  • Removable roof (good for summer!)

  • Interior space: 5.1 x 6.56ft

The caravan itself is pretty simple and box-shaped, so it’s nice that you can personalise it a bit with your own colours and choice of layout.

It’s also amazing to compare the size of it compared to the first leisure caravan in history: ‘The Wanderer’, which measured 30ft in length! This vehicle was even large enough to comfortably fit a piano inside, as if it were your living room… It’s no wonder that it was termed a ‘land yacht’!

What’s your view on caravan size? Do you prefer compact trailers or is it better to have more interior space?

Should I get one?

There could be a reason that this kind of amphibious caravan has never been properly attempted before. Some people feel that there is not much that differs between it and an actual boat! What’s more, at its hefty price tag of 15,000 euros, you can also argue that if you wanted to you could even buy yourself an individual boat and trailer for the same sum of money or less!

You can have a look at some other more common and affordable caravan models throughout history in this infographic from Salop Leisure. A prime example is the Elddis Genesis, which you can purchase for under £3,000.

On the other hand, it’s also easy to say that there’s nothing quite like owning a Sealander Schwimmcaravan! It presents a lot of possibilities for when you next go camping and also has an undeniable wow factor.

What’s your take on this modern caravan? Are you more a fan of the custom caravan models or are you already planning your next Sealander adventure?